One Singular Vision – One Singularly Spectacular Result-Celebrate on October 24!

Maturity Matters

October 3, 2018

How do you eradicate a dreadful disease from the face of the earth?

One vision, one child, one village, one country and one continent at a time.

It has been referred to as the finest humanitarian project by a non-governmental organization. Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, Rotary International’s vision of a world free from polio started out with a remarkable first-step. In 1978, Dr. Benny Santos asked Rotary International to provide the polio vaccine, and with that in hand, he would organize and mobilize all their national Rotarians to ensure that every child living in the Philippines was immunized against polio. Six million children received the vaccine, and because of these efforts, were given a chance to live without the risk of deformity and pre-mature death. From a noble genesis came a global miracle of faith, action and consequence.

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